15 Christian Mothers Day Poems

Christian Mothers Day Poems

Mothers are the bedrock of our lives, nurturing us with love, faith, and wisdom. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, what better way to express our gratitude and love than through the heartfelt words of poetry, especially from the innocent and pure perspective of children.

This collection of Christian Mothers Day poems is designed specifically for kids, weaving together the principles of faith, the boundless love of mothers, and the simple yet profound expressions that only children can convey.

Each poem in this collection is not just a tribute to mothers but also an expression of Christian values, making them perfect for children to recite at church, in Sunday school, or as a personal gift to their mothers.

These poems range from simple rhymes for younger children to more thoughtful verses for older kids, all encapsulating the special bond between a mother and her child under God’s loving gaze. Let these poems be a source of joy, inspiration, and a reminder of the blessings of motherhood.

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Christian Mothers Day Poems

15 Christian Mothers Day Poems

Mommy's Smile

Mommy's smile is like the sun,
Warm and bright and oh, such fun!
When she grins, the room just glows,
More than any flower grows.

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Breakfast in Bed

A tray of eggs and toast so high,
We make it for her, we have to try!
Spilled some milk? A pancake's bent?
It's the love that counts, one hundred percent!

Her Hug - A Cozy Nest

When she hugs me, oh so tight,
I feel like everything's all right.
Safe in arms, a cozy nest,
Mommy's hug is simply the best.

The Listening Ear

She listens to our smallest tales,
Of snails racing, lost toy sales.
Her patience vast, like the sea,
She's there to hear what troubles me.

The Boo-Boo Fixer

A scrape, a cut, nothing to fear!
Mom's got Band-Aids, always near.
A kiss, a cuddle, medicine to mix,
With her, I know, all boo-boos she can fix.

Cheerleader and Guide

"Go, you can do it!" she'll always cheer,
Her faith in us, crystal clear.
Leading, guiding with gentle sway,
She shows us to brighten our own way.

Through Stormy Weather

When the sky grows dark and things go bump,
Mom's there to help us over the hump.
With stories and cuddles and sometimes a song,
She makes us feel like we finally belong.

The Lesson Gardener

Wisdom sown with gentle hands,
Mom plants lessons, no heavy demands.
We sprout and grow, and soon we see,
The world's a garden for you and me.

Queen of the Bedtime

When stars climb high into the night,
Pajamas on and teeth brushed right,
She tucks us in, our bedtime queen,
Gifts us with dreams, pure and serene.

The Silly Times Sponsor

When it's time to play and dance around,
Mom's the best playmate we've ever found.
Silly faces, tickle fights in heaps,
Love is the harvest that she reaps.

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Prayers at Dawn

In the quiet of the dawn, Mom kneels to pray,
Her words to God, a start to every day.
She prays for us, with love so deep and wide,
In her prayers, we find a peaceful tide.

The Guiding Light

Her faith, a lighthouse in a stormy sea,
Guides us through life, helps us to be free.
In scripture’s glow and in her living grace,
We find a path, a most holy place.

Blessings She Bestows

At mealtime, when she bows her head,
Grace flows, and every soul is fed.
Her blessings, like a gentle rain,
Wash away sorrow, heal the pain.

Angel in Disguise

She walks in kindness, lives in love,
An angel sent from realms above.
In all she does, her spirit shines,
A Mother’s love, divinely designed.

True Mothers Love

Mommy's love is sweet and deep,
Gentle hands that soothe to sleep.
In her eyes, the stars all shine,
Lucky are we to call her "mine."

Conclusion: A Mother's Love, A Heavenly Reflection

In every smile, hug, and prayerful word,
A mother's love, like a song of a bird,
Echoes the grace of the Lord above,
A glimpse of heaven, a heart full of love.

In her, God's work is daily seen,
In acts of kindness, in the serene.
A beacon of faith, hope, and light,
Guiding her children, day and night.

So on this day, we honor and say,
Blessings to mothers in every way.
For in their love, we find a connection,
To God's pure grace, a heavenly reflection.

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