20 Scripture Songs for Kids

Bible Songs For Kids

Are you ready for an exciting journey through some of the most amazing stories from the Bible? 📖✨

In this special collection, we've got some super cool Scripture songs for kids that will take you on a fun ride through different Bible stories. From the creation of the world to the adventures of heroes like David and Esther, and the inspiring teachings of Jesus – we've got it all covered in catchy tunes that will make you want to sing and dance! 🕺💃

Each song is like a mini-story, filled with colorful characters, brave heroes, and even some big, friendly animals! 🐘🦁 Imagine singing about a giant boat filled with animals, or a young boy defeating a giant with just a small stone. How cool is that?

But wait, there's more! 🌈 After each song, we have a super fun activity for you. You can do crafts, solve puzzles, or even act out some of the stories with your friends or family. It's like being a part of the Bible's adventure yourself!

So, grab your explorer hat 🧢, tune your singing voice 🎤, and let's dive into the world of Bible songs. Are you ready to discover how much fun learning about the Bible can be? Let's go! 🚀

Table of Contents

Creation's Symphony

(Genesis 1, Read on Bible Gateway)

In the beginning, God made the sky,
The stars, the sun, and the moon up high.
He made the animals, big and small,
God's creation, He made them all!

Let's sing and dance,
With the birds and the bees,
In Creation's Symphony.

Noah's Big Boat

Noah'S Big Boat

(Genesis 6-9, Read on Bible Gateway)

Noah built a boat, so very wide,
The animals came, two by two inside.
It rained for days, the waters rose,
But Noah's faith, it never froze.

On the big, big boat,
With the splish and splash,
Noah's journey, a great big bash!

🌟 Fun Activity! 🌟
After each song, include a simple, related craft activity. For example, after "Creation's Symphony," kids can create a collage of the sun, moon, and stars using colored paper and glitter.

Jonah and the Whale

(Jonah 1-4, Read on Bible Gateway)

Jonah ran from God's call,
Found himself in a whale, so tall.
Three days, three nights, inside he prayed,
To Nineveh, he then obeyed.

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In the belly of the whale,
Jonah learned not to bail,
God's plan will always prevail.

🎨 Creative Corner 🎨
Include coloring pages related to each song's theme. For "Jonah and the Whale," a coloring page featuring Jonah and a big fish would be engaging for children.

Daniel in the Lion's Den

(Daniel 6, Read on Bible Gateway)

Daniel, brave in prayer each day,
In the lion's den, he lay.
God shut the lions' mouths so tight,
Kept Daniel safe all through the night.

In the den of roaring sound,
God's love and protection abound.

Baby Moses

(Exodus 2, Read on Bible Gateway)

Baby Moses in a basket,
Floating down the river, what a task it!
Found by a princess, so kind and sweet,
God's plans for Moses, none could defeat.

Down the river, gently glide,
In God's care, we can confide.

🧩 Puzzle Time! 🧩
For "Baby Moses," include a simple jigsaw puzzle that kids can cut out and piece together, featuring a scene of baby Moses in his basket on the river.

David the Shepherd Boy

David The Shepherd Boy

(1 Samuel 17, Read on Bible Gateway)

Little David in the field,
With his sheep, his faith was sealed.
He fought Goliath, brave and tall,
With a stone, the giant did fall.

With a sling and a stone,
David stood all alone,
Bravery in his heart, shown.

The Walls of Jericho

(Joshua 6, Read on Bible Gateway)

The walls of Jericho, so high and strong,
Joshua's faith, it wasn't wrong.
Marched around, with trumpets' sound,
The walls came tumbling to the ground.

With faith and trust,
The walls must fall,
God's power is above all.

Esther's Courage

(Book of Esther, Read on Bible Gateway), (See also: The Story of Esther in the Bible)

Queen Esther, brave and wise,
Saved her people from demise.
Courageously, she took a stand,
God's grace was in her hand.

For such a time as this,
Esther's courage, we can't miss.

🎭 Role Play Corner 🎭
After "Esther's Courage," encourage kids to role-play Esther's story, dressing up and acting out scenes to understand her bravery.

The Birth of Jesus

(Luke 2, Read on Bible Gateway)

In Bethlehem, a star so bright,
Led shepherds to the holy sight.
Baby Jesus, in a manger lay,
The Savior born on Christmas day.

Under the star, so bright and clear,
Jesus' love is always near.

🌟 Star Craft 🌟
For "The Birth of Jesus," include a star-making craft. Kids can create their own stars with glitter and paper to remember the Christmas story.

Jesus Loves the Little Children

(Matthew 19:14, Read on Bible Gateway)

Jesus said, "Let kids come here,"
With open arms, He held them dear.
Red, brown, yellow, black and white,
In His love, we all unite.

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Children are precious in His sight,
Jesus' love, our guiding light.

Joseph's Colorful Coat

Joseph'S Colorful Coat

(Genesis 37, Read on Bible Gateway)

Joseph had a coat so grand,
Colors bright, by his father's hand.
Though his journey had some strife,
God was with him all his life.

With dreams so bold,
And colors bright,
Joseph's faith shone like a light.

🎨 Crafty Colors 🎨
After "Joseph's Colorful Coat," have kids create their own colorful coats from paper, using crayons or paints to make them vibrant and unique.

The Good Samaritan

(Luke 10:25-37, Read on Bible Gateway)

A man was hurt, left on the road,
Many passed, but one man showed.
The Good Samaritan, kind and true,
Taught us how to love, me and you.

Be kind, be brave, help those in need,
Love's action is our best creed.

The Prodigal Son

(Luke 15:11-32, Read on Bible Gateway)

A son once left, his home so dear,
Spent all he had, his path unclear.
When he returned, feeling so low,
His father's love did overflow.

No matter far, no matter near,
God's love always draws us near.

🎭 Drama Play 🎭
For "The Prodigal Son," set up a small play where children can act out the story, understanding the themes of forgiveness and unconditional love.

The Ten Commandments

(Exodus 20:1-17, Read on Bible Gateway)

On Mount Sinai, so high and steep,
God gave laws, His people to keep.
Ten Commandments, clear and true,
Guiding us in all we do.

In words so clear,
And rules so right,
God's commandments, our guiding light.

🧩 Puzzle Time! 🧩
For "The Ten Commandments," include a puzzle where kids can match each commandment with a simple illustration representing its meaning.

The Story of Ruth

(Ruth 1-4, Read on Bible Gateway)

Ruth, so loyal and so kind,
A better friend, one could not find.
With Naomi, she chose to stay,
In Bethlehem, they found their way.

Through fields of grain, under the sun,
Ruth's kindness and love, won.

The Shepherd's Psalm

(Psalm 23, Read on Bible Gateway)

"The Lord's my shepherd," so we say,
He guides and keeps us every day.
By still waters, He leads our path,
In His love, we find our rest.

In green pastures, we're not alone,
With our Shepherd, we're at home.

🌳 Nature Walk 🌳
Encourage kids to take a nature walk after "The Shepherd's Psalm," observing the beauty of the world, much like the tranquility described in the Psalm.

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The Fishermen's Call

(Matthew 4:18-22, Read on Bible Gateway)

Peter and Andrew, fishing by the sea,
Jesus called, "Come, follow me."
They left their nets, without delay,
To follow Christ, the Truth, the Way.

Fishers of men, in the sea of life,
Spreading God's word, in joy and strife.

Samson's Strength

(Judges 13-16, Read on Bible Gateway)

Samson, strong and bold,
His story, long been told.
Though his strength was in his hair,
True power was in his prayer.

In battles big, and choices tough,
God's strength in us, is enough.

🏋️ Strength Challenge 🏋️
After "Samson's Strength," have a fun activity where kids participate in a "strength challenge," like a tug-of-war or an obstacle course, to learn about inner strength and teamwork.

The Tower of Babel

(Genesis 11:1-9, Read on Bible Gateway)

People built a tower so high,
Reaching up, touching the sky.
God confused their words, spread them wide,
Teaching humility, curbing their pride.

Tall towers or small,
God oversees all,
In unity, we stand tall.

Paul's Journey

(Acts 9:1-19, Read on Bible Gateway)

Paul once Saul, on Damascus road,
Met Jesus, changed his life's code.
From persecutor to preacher, so bold,
His journey of faith, forever told.

On roads we walk, paths we tread,
Let God's light be our head.

🎭 Drama Play 🎭
For "Paul's Journey," set up a small play where children act out Saul's transformation into Paul, helping them understand the power of transformation and redemption.

🌈 Scripture Songs For Kids Conclusion 🎉

Scripture Songs For Kids

Wow, what an amazing adventure we've had together! 🚀 We sang, we danced, and we learned about so many incredible stories from the Bible. Did you have a favorite song or story? Maybe it was the one about the big boat with all the animals, or the story of the brave queen who saved her people. 🐘👑

Remember, each song and story shows us how special and loved we are, and how exciting and full of surprises life can be when we walk with God. 🌟

And guess what? The fun doesn’t have to stop here! You can sing these songs anytime you want, share them with your friends, and even create your own Bible songs and stories. 🎶✍️

Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey through the Bible. Keep singing, keep smiling, and always remember, God’s love is with you, every step of the way! 🌻❤️

Until our next adventure, keep the music in your heart and the joy in your step! Bye for now, awesome friends! 👋😊

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