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Sleepytime Bible Stories 2

As the stars start twinkling and the moon begins to rise, let's snuggle under our blankets and listen to some wonderful sleepytime Bible stories. These tales are like soft pillows, filled with love and peace, to rest your head upon as you drift off to dreamland.

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The Story of Noah and His Ark

Sleepytime Bible Stories

A New Beginning

Long, long ago, when the earth was filled with all sorts of creatures, big and small, there lived a good man named Noah. He loved God with all his heart, and God loved him back. But not everyone was like Noah. Many people forgot about being kind and loving to one another.

So, God decided to start anew. He told Noah about His plan to send rain, a lot of it, to wash the world clean. "Noah," said God, "build an ark, a big boat, and gather two of every animal, so they can be safe."

Building the Ark

Noah and his family worked hard, sawing wood, hammering nails, and building the biggest boat anyone had ever seen. As he worked, Noah trusted God, even though building the ark was a huge task!

Can you imagine the sounds of the forest as Noah built the ark? [Chirp-Chirp, Buzz-Buzz, Thump-Thump]
And can you guess the animals he invited aboard? [Woof-Woof, Meow-Meow, Roar-Roar etc]

The Rain Comes

Finally, the ark was ready, and the animals came, two by two, just as God had said. Then the skies turned grey, and the rain started to fall, gently at first, then pouring down all over the world.

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Inside the cozy ark, Noah, his family, and all the animals were safe and warm. They played games, shared stories, and listened to the rain drumming on the ark's wooden roof. They rocked gently on the water, like a cradle swinging in the breeze.

A Rainbow Promise

After many days and nights, the rain stopped. The sun peeked out, and a beautiful rainbow stretched across the sky. God's promise was like that rainbow—full of hope and bright colors.

Noah's story teaches us that no matter how big the storm, we can always find safety and peace when we trust in God.

(Verses can be found in Genesis 6-9)

Daniel and the Lions' Den

Sleepytime Bible Stories 2

A Man of Courage

In a faraway land, there was a man named Daniel who loved and obeyed God. Even when it was hard, Daniel chose to do the right thing.

The King's Edict

The king of the land made a new law, saying everyone should only pray to him. But Daniel knew that wasn't right. He continued to pray to God, just as he had always done.

Daniel's Test

Some people didn't like Daniel and tricked the king into punishing him. The punishment? To spend a night in a den of hungry lions! But Daniel wasn't scared. He knew God was with him.

Sleep Tight, Daniel

As Daniel was lowered into the den, the lions growled and prowled. But when he prayed, an angel came and shut the lions' mouths! They became as tame as kittens. Daniel lay down amongst them, and they all had a peaceful night's sleep.

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In the morning, the king saw that Daniel was unharmed and realized that Daniel's God was the true God.

(Verses can be found in Daniel 6)

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The Little Shepherd Boy: David and Goliath

Sleepytime Bible Stories 3

A Boy with a Heart for God

In the fields of Bethlehem, there was a young shepherd boy named David. While he watched his flock by day, he played his harp and sang songs to God.

A Giant Challenge

One day, a challenge came to the land. A giant named Goliath taunted David's people. He was so big and strong, everyone was scared.

David's Faith

But David wasn't scared. With just a sling and a few smooth stones, he faced the giant. "I come in the name of the Lord," he said.

Victory for David

David swung his sling and released a stone. It flew through the air and hit Goliath right on the forehead. The giant fell down, and David won a great victory, all because he trusted in God’s power.

(Verses can be found in 1 Samuel 17)

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Fun Sleepytime Activity!

Before we continue our stories, let's do a fun activity. Close your eyes and imagine your favorite animal. Now, think of a warm, cozy light surrounding it and making it sleepy. Whisper, "God loves you, little (animal)," and give it a big, sleepy hug in your mind. Sweet dreams to all of God's creatures!

The Story of Jonah and the Big Fish

Sleepytime Bible Stories 4

A Trip to Nineveh

God told Jonah to go to Nineveh and tell the people to change their ways. But Jonah tried to run away by boat. That didn't work out, as God sent a big storm.

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Jonah's Time-Out

To calm the storm, Jonah was thrown into the sea and swallowed by a big fish. Inside the fish, Jonah had lots of time to think and pray. It was like a time-out in the belly of the sea!

A Second Chance

After three days, the fish spit Jonah out onto dry land. God gave Jonah another chance to do the right thing. This time, Jonah went to Nineveh, and the people listened to him.

Even when we try to run away, God is always there, ready to give us another chance.

(Verses can be found in Jonah 1-3)

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Jesus' Loving Arms: The Parable of the Lost Sheep

Sleepytime Bible Stories 5

The Good Shepherd

Jesus told a story about a shepherd with a hundred sheep. But one went missing! The Good Shepherd didn't rest until he found his lost sheep.

Found and Safe

When He found it, He didn't scold. Instead, He picked it up, hugged it close, and carried it home. There was so much joy because the lost sheep was found!

Jesus Loves Little Ones

Just like the Good Shepherd cares for each sheep, Jesus cares for each one of us. When we feel lost or alone, He comes to find us and wrap us in His loving arms.

(Verses can be found in Luke 15:3-7)

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Sleepytime Bible Stories Prayer

As our sleepytime stories come to an end, let's say a little prayer together. "Dear God, thank You for these stories, for the courage of Daniel, the strength of David, the second chance for Jonah, and the love of Jesus. As I close my eyes tonight, help me rest in Your care. Amen."

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