20 Christian Easter Poems for Kids

Christian Easter Poems For Kids

Easter is a special time of year for many around the world, especially for those of the Christian faith. It's a time to remember the story of Jesus and to celebrate new beginnings. For children, understanding Easter and its significance can be made fun and engaging through poetry.

So, here we have a collection titled "20 Christian Easter Poems for Kids," filled with rhythm, joy, and the message of Easter for young minds to enjoy.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to Easter

Christian Easter Poems For Kids

Easter isn't just about the baskets and the egg hunts,
It's a time to be joyful, to do what Jesus wants.
It's about love and hope, and a story so bright,
Come along, little ones, let's follow the light.

Poem 1: "The Easter Story"

The Easter Story

Long ago, in a land far away,
Jesus died and then rose, on the third day.
It's a story of love, for you and for me,
To teach us to live and to let our hearts be free.

Poem 2: "The Garden Path"

In a garden so still, by night's gentle breeze,
Jesus prayed for us all, on His knees.
He showed us that even in times of great strife,
We can be brave, and choose the right life.

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Poem 3: "The Cross Stands High"

The cross stands high, above us all,
A symbol of love, for great and small.
It tells us that sorrows can be overcome,
And with love in our hearts, we are never alone.

Poem 4: "The Stone Rolled Away"

Look! The stone rolled away, from the tomb's dark door,
Jesus isn't there, He's alive once more!
A miracle that Easter morn, so long ago,
Gives us all hope—let your kindness show.

Poem 5: "New Life"

Easter means new life, in flowers and trees,
In the chirp of the birds, and the buzz of the bees.
Remember that new starts can happen any day,
Just keep faith in your heart, and follow the way.

Poem 6: "Easter Joy"

Easter joy is more than eggs of blue and pink,
It's about the joy we find, more than we might think.
In every laugh, in every hug, in friendship's gentle sway,
Easter joy's all about the love we give away.

Poem 7: "The Easter Lamb"

The Easter lamb is gentle, soft, and kind,
A symbol of Jesus, whom we're meant to find.
In each caring act, in every good deed,
Be like the Easter lamb, let your heart lead.

Poem 8: "Resurrection Day"

The sun beams bright, on Resurrection Day,
Telling the world that Jesus is the way.
To love, to hope, to be our guide,
With Him by our side, we take joy in the stride.

Poem 9: "The Butterfly"

A cocoon, once closed, now open with grace,
Like Jesus's tomb, it's a transformed place.
The butterfly soars, with a new tale to say,
About how life changes, in wondrous ways.

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Poem 10: "Easter Bells"

Easter Bells

Easter bells ring, can you hear the chime?
It's striking for Easter, a moment so prime.
Each note sings a message, one of peace and rebirth,
And how we can make, a heaven on Earth.

Poem 11: "Easter Candles"

Candles light the dark, with their soft, gentle glow,
Like the hope Jesus gives us, and the love He shows.
Let the Easter candles remind us to be the light,
To make the world better, and to do what's right.

Poem 12: "Journey to Easter"

It's a journey we take, to Easter each year,
Through winter and spring, as Easter draws near.
We learn about patience, and what faith can do,
As we follow the footsteps of Jesus, so true.

Poem 13: "Easter Eggs"

Easter eggs, so colorful, hidden away,
Teach us about surprise and the joy of play.
Like the surprises in life, that can suddenly come,
Easter eggs remind us, there's more than just one.

Poem 14: "Easter Parade"

With bonnets so pretty, and suits nice and neat,
The Easter parade marches down the street.
A celebration of new life, and all things bright,
Easter parade is a heart-winning sight.

Poem 15: "Sunrise Service"

The sunrise service, at dawn's early light,
Reminds us of Jesus, and His power so right.
As the day begins, with the sun's warm kiss,
It's a promise of love, and eternal bliss.

Poem 16: "The Easter Basket"

Filled with goodies and treats, the Easter basket waits,
For children to find it, oh what great fates!
But remember it also, holds a story so divine,
About Jesus's love, and His sacrifice, so fine.

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Poem 17: "Easter Prayers"

Easter prayers we say, with hands gently folded,
For the love that Jesus, so generously molded.
We thank Him for blessings, and ask for His care,
In Easter prayers, there's so much to share.

Poem 18: "Easter Bonnet"

Wearing an Easter bonnet, with flowers upon it,
You look like springtime, and a melodious sonnet.
A hat isn't just for style or for fame,
It can remind us of Jesus, and why He came.

Poem 19: "Easter's Promise"

Easter’s promise is a bright and wondrous thing,
It tells us that life can renew and grow again.
Just like Jesus rose, and brought forth joy and light,
Easter's promise is there to make everything right.

Poem 20: "Little Easter Palms"

Little Easter Palms

Little Easter palms, waved in the air,
Show that Jesus's journey, was one so rare.
With branches held high, the children do sing,
Hosanna! Hosanna! To Jesus, our King.

Conclusion on Christian Easter Poems

20 poems for Easter, each with its own tale,
To bring the story of Jesus, without fail.
For kids to learn about hope, love, and laughter,
And carry these messages, now and ever after.

These "20 Christian Easter Poems for Kids" are woven with love and joy, to spark the spirits of young ones as they learn and celebrate this meaningful time. Remember, Easter is about finding hope in every day, spreading kindness wherever we go, and keeping the message of Jesus's love alive in our hearts. May your Easter be filled with wonder, and may these poems remind you of the joy that comes with new beginnings. Happy Easter!

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