12 Poems About Faith for Kids

Poems About Faith For Kids

'Poems about Faith' is a collection of various poems that explore the theme of faith from different perspectives. From famous poems by renowned poets like Emily Dickinson and Rainer Maria Rilke, to newer works by contemporary writers, these poems delve into the complex relationship between faith, teaching, love, and emotions.

Each poem offers a unique and thought-provoking perspective on the subject of faith, making this collection a rich source of inspiration and reflection for readers.

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Poems About Faith For Kids
Table of Contents

1. The Tiny Seed of Hope

A tiny seed beneath the ground,
Holds a secret, tightly wound.
With every day, it's there to cope,
It holds inside a pinch of hope.

Sprinkle water, add some light,
Watch the seed climb out of night.
Into a land where it can scope,
This little seedling, brimming with hope.

2. The Whisper of Trust

Upon the breeze, a whisper flew,
Riding high and singing true.
Trust, it said, is the sturdy crust,
That holds your faith and never rust.

When friends are near or when they're far,
Trust is there, our guiding star.
Like a kite that smoothly thrust,
Soaring high on winds of trust.

3. The Mountain of Belief

A mountain stood so tall and proud,
Its peak lost within a cloud.
Belief, it's said, is like this mount,
A growing, steady, vast amount.

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Climb the rocks, though tough it seems,
Belief is there in all our dreams.
It's not about the height you've leapt,
But faith in step by careful step.

4. The River of Courage

A river flows with waters deep,
Through valleys, where the willows weep.
But courage is the boat to take,
That keeps us strong, awake, and make.

Paddle through the waves that rage,
With courage as your trusty sage.
No matter how the waters surge,
You'll sail on with a boost of courage.

5. The Forest of Kindness

A forest dense with ancient trees,
Whispers softly in the breeze.
Kindness is the birds in flight,
Who share the air without a fight.

Help a friend or hug a tree,
Kindness keeps our hearts so free.
In every leaf and every twine,
Lives the faith that's truly kind.

6. The Sunbeam of Joy

A sunbeam dances, light and free,
It warms the face of you and me.
Joy is the beam that tickles toes,
And chases away the darkest woes.

Jump in puddles, laugh out loud,
Let joy become your sunlit shroud.
With every giggle, smirk, and ploy,
Our faith shines bright with endless joy.

7. The Ocean of Love

An ocean, wide and deep and grand,
Stretches out like open hand.
Love is the wave, the tide, the sea,
Connecting you and connecting me.

Care for others, big or small,
Love is what enfolds us all.
With every heart, we give a shove,
And fill the world with waves of love.

8. The Garden of Peace

In a garden where the lilies grow,
And over hedgerows, soft winds blow.
Peace is the root, the flower, the leaf,
It soothes every worry and grief.

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Speak gentle words, be slow to race,
Let calmness have its own embrace.
In this garden, where we cease,
Our faith blossoms in the peace.

9. The Symphony of Friendship

A symphony plays a tune so grand,
With instruments from across the land.
Friendship is the melody played,
A harmony that will never fade.

Share a secret, lend an ear,
Friendship's tune will always be near.
With every note that friendships ship,
We hear the song of companionship.

10. The Rainbow of Unity

A rainbow arching in the sky,
A bridge of colors way up high.
Unity is the band of hues,
That brings together varied views.

Stand together, paw and hand,
Unity makes our faith expand.
In every color, light, and hue,
There's a place for me and you.

Bonus: The Garden of Faith

In a garden where dreams interlace,
Each seed has found its special place.
With hope and trust, and courage sown,
By kindness, joy, and love well-known.

We tend to peace and friendship's tune,
Under the shared sun and moon.
And in this garden, so rich and true,
Faith blooms in hearts of every hue.

Conclusion on Poems About Faith

Plant your seeds of faith each day,
With hope and trust, come what may.
Share your joy, show you care,
With kindness spread everywhere.

Climb with belief, sail through fears,
With courage, wipe away the tears.
Together, as one, we all unite,
In a garden of faith, so pure and bright.

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