10 Christian Poems About Womens Day

In The Quiet Of The Home

Welcome, little ones, to a joyful celebration of faith and love, captured in the beauty of poetry - Christian poems about womens day. Today, as we gather to honor Women's Day, we are about to embark on a poetic journey that highlights the remarkable women who have graced our lives with their love, strength, and unwavering faith.

In these poems, you'll meet women from the Bible, whose stories have been told and retold, inspiring generations with their courage and devotion. You'll hear about everyday heroines, mothers, sisters, and friends, who, in their own unique ways, reflect the love of God and the beauty of His creation.

As we read each poem, let's remember to be thankful for the wonderful women in our lives. Let these verses be a tribute to their endless love, the lessons they teach us, and the joy they bring to our world. So, sit back, open your hearts, and let the rhythm of the poems fill you with gratitude and joy on this special Women's Day.

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In the Garden's Graceful Glory

In the garden's graceful glory, where the first mom Eve did dwell,
She cared for all creations, filled her heart's nurturing well.
Though a twist in her story, made of fruit, snake, and tree,
Her daughters would continue strong, just like you and me.

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By the Manger Soft and Sweet

By the manger soft and sweet, where the baby Jesus lay,
There was Mary, full of courage, as she trekked the dusty way.
Guided by a star so bright, she bore the Son of Love so pure,
Her gentle spirit, full of might, inspires us to endure.

Through the Pages Told in Gold

Through the pages told in gold, many women's tales unfold,
Deborah's wisdom, Esther's risk, stories brave and bold.
They trusted in the Lord above, their faith did not sway,
Showing us to stand with love, on this Women's Day.

The Women by the Sea Shore

The women by the sea shore, with nets of patience cast,
Following Jesus, learning, their love was vast.
They served without a mention, their names not always known,
But their spirit of devotion is forever shown.

Lydia and Her Purple Cloth

Lydia with her purple cloth, a seller of fine dye,
Opened her home and heart, to Paul she did comply.
A businesswoman of great faith, her story does inspire,
Teaching us to work with grace, and to God's love aspire.

In the Quiet of the Home

In The Quiet Of The Home

In the quiet of the home, where daily tasks may hide,
Mothers, sisters, daughters bloom, with Jesus by their side.
Their gentle hands, their whispered prayers, make a house a cherished dome,
For in the warmth of their care, God’s love is shown.

The Hand that Rocks the Future

The hand that rocks the cradle, that wipes away the tears,
Belongs to women strong and able, who conquer fears.
Their lullabies are blessings, their hugs a shield from night,
In them we find the lessons of kindness and of right.

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In the Church Halls Echoing

In the church halls echoing, with songs of praise and cheer,
Women's voices soar and ring, their faith is always near.
Teachers, mentors, leaders, their spirits brightly flame,
Guiding us like seafarers, by the Light's soft acclaim.

On the Paths of Every Day

On the paths of every day, where life's journeys intertwine,
Women of Christ light the way, with grace and truth they shine.
They guide us, teach us, lift us high, on wings of gentle might,
Underneath God's vast blue sky, they are our beacon light.

A Garden, A Manger, A Cradle, and More

A garden, a manger, a cradle, and more,
Women's stories are treasures, rich lore to explore.
Let's celebrate their journey, let's sing out with glee,
For every woman's victory, is a victory for you and me.

So clap your hands, dear children, and dance in joyful sway,
For on this shining Women's Day, our love we shall display.
To women past, present, and those yet to be,
We honor you with heart and song, for all eternity.

Conclusion: Christian Poems About Womens Day

Christian Poems About Womens Day

In all our tales and games and dreams, let's not forget to say,
Thank you to the women here, on this bright Women's Day.
With faith in Christ, their example leads, in every role they fill,
Their strength and love are the seeds of the beautiful world we build.

Now the song is almost done, but the celebration's never through.
Remember the stories shared today, in all that you may do.
The world is full of heroines whose tales are yet unsung,
So, here's to Christian women, young and old, and every one!

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Smile wide, for this is true, we're blessed through all of time,
By the Christian women in our lives, oh, isn't that sublime?
Heroes, friends, on Love's strong wings, their stories proudly say,
Happy Women's Day to all, and God bless you this day!

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