12 Famous Christian Poems To Read

12 Famous Christian Poems To Read

Gather 'round, my young friends, far and near, listen closely, there's wisdom for you to hear. In our famous Christian poems to read, we'll joyously roam, through twelve famous verses that Christians call home.

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Table of Contents

1. The Shepherd's Way

In fields of green, where quiet waters flow,
A shepherd's voice is soft, and tender, you know.
He guides his sheep, they follow, never stray,
We learn to trust like lambs in every way.

"Follow, oh follow, through sun or through rain,
The Shepherd's gentle call is not in vain.
For love and guidance every single day,
Just listen close, He'll show the faithful way."

2. The Garden Path

A secret garden, hidden from the sight,
Where flowers bloom by day and stars by night.
A place where every child of God can meet,
And lay their worries down at Jesus' feet.

"Stroll in the garden, take your time and pray,
Whisper your dreams at the dusk of the day.
His loving presence makes your spirit glad,
In gardens of grace, there is no room for sad."

3. Noah's Cheerful Ark

A-floating on a sea, so wide and deep,
Noah's ark was a promise God did keep.
With creatures of every size and mark,
They danced on the deck and sang like a lark.

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"Be brave like Noah, when the raindrops start,
Remember that hope is an art of the heart.
When storms come to visit, and skies are dark,
Think of the rainbow and Noah's cheerful ark."

4. The Love That Feeds

Five loaves, two fish, a lesson to be taught,
From Jesus' hands, a miracle was wrought.
A crowd was fed, their hunger put to flight,
By love that turns the meager into might.

"Share what you can, a smile, a toy, a meal,
For in each act of love, God's grace we feel.
Don't worry if your giving seems quite small,
With love behind it, it will conquer all."

5. David's Sling

A stone and sling, a giant tall and grim,
Young David stood, his chances truly slim.
Yet faith was his slingshot, strong and right,
With God at his side, he won the fight.

"Like David be, face giants with no dread,
For courage is not just for those well-bred.
Believe in yourself, and you'll find within,
A strength that can make even giants spin."

6. The Wise Men's Starry Quest

Three Wise Men And The Star

A star so bright, it led the way at night,
To a babe in a manger, pure delight.
Three wise men traveled, treasures in their chest,
Their journey long, a starry quest.

"Like the wise men, seek truth where it may hide,
Be curious, let stars be your guide.
In every question, wisdom plays its part,
Follow the starlight within your heart."

7. Jonah's Undersea Tale

Jonah fled, to the sea's depths he dove,
To escape God's task from the realms above.
Inside a whale, three days he did spend,
Until his heart on God did depend.

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"Sometimes we run, from tasks big or small,
But like Jonah, we'll hear the caring call.
Be brave, take a leap, and face your tale,
For beyond the fear, you'll surely prevail."

8. The Armor Bright

A belt, a shield, a sword of spirit light,
The armor of God to wear in the fight.
Truth, faith, and salvation our gear so tight,
We stand strong in battles, be it day or night.

"Arm yourself in kindness, truth, and care,
Wear the armor bright, be prepared to dare.
With goodness as your cloak, peace at your feet,
No challenge faced can ever be too sweet."

9. Lazarus, Awake!

Lazarus slept in a stone-cold tomb,
His sisters' hearts wrapped in sadness and gloom.
But Jesus called, "Awake! Come to the day!"
And death had to listen and obey.

"In moments of loss, when you miss a friend,
Remember that love never truly ends.
For like Lazarus called back to the fray,
Our love for each other will find a way."

10. The Mustard Seed

Tiny as a pebble, a mustard seed,
Yet within it hides a mighty deed.
From tiny beginnings, great trees have grown,
Showing us faith's power is often unknown.

"Start with something small, a seed of your own,
Water it with hope, and watch how it's grown.
Believe in the little, and you'll be amazed,
At how small beginnings are rightly praised."

11. Peter's Rooster Crow

12 Famous Christian Poems To Read

When Peter heard the rooster's morning call,
He knew he had denied and lost it all.
But forgiveness came, a second chance to glow,
A lesson that we all should surely know.

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"Even when we fumble, falter, or fall,
There's a silver lining after the squall.
Like Peter, you'll learn from the rooster's crow,
Each day brings a chance for a brighter show."

12. The Heavenly Feast

At last, we come to a table laid wide,
With guests of all nations side by side.
A heavenly feast, where love does not cease,
Here we gather in harmony and peace.

"We're all invited, to dine, laugh, and sing,
In God's great banquet, love is the spring.
So, let your heart feast on joy, not the least,
For in each other, we find heaven's feast."

Conclusion on Famous Christian Poems To Read

Now our journey through verses comes to an end, but the stories and lessons will always extend. Carry these tales close, let them guide and enhance, for within each poem, there's a heavenly dance.

Remember, dear children, that in every line, there's a message of love, pure and divine. So keep these treasures close, let them be your light, and walk ever onward to what is right.

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